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The goal is to establish a very lively «Café littéraire» where professional designers, design educators and students, car and design enthusiasts meet, show their ideas, discuss design matters and trends, contribute with their own reports and stories to the development of a modern design culture, with past experiences and inputs from different cultures.

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{jcomments on}Live-Body-Art--Via-Tortona-05All those who have an interest in design should pay a visit to Milano this week.   Design is everywhere and in virtually every mind. There is so much to feel, to hear and to see that professionals and enthusiasts only have to choose.
Those who are in the furniture business have no choice but the Salome del Mobile at the large «Fiery di Milano» at Rho, on the outskirts of Milano.
On the contrary those who are more interested in design will have no doubt and take a full immersion into the “Fuorisalone”.

The choice is not easy because there is so much and so many interesting expression of creativity of all sort that one could easily spend the entire “Milano Design Week” going places, meeting artists and designers, sipping cocktails and exchange idea sass well as business cards.
Do some shopping; enjoy a “Cotoletta Milanese”

  • Cotoletta-Milanese-01
  • Cotoletta-Milanese-01

    To get the most out of the first day, on April 8th, I opted to reach Milano by train, buy a one-day ticket (at €4.50) for all public transportation and subscribe to the Bike-MI (for Milano) service.
    To save time and energies and to maximise efficiency the bike is the best option, even if those for public rental are heavy and not the easiest too ride (the front wheel carries to high a load and the handlebar is heavy). Not all are smooth and there is not much space for riders on the street but follows the rule “in Rome do as Romans do” and you will be fine.

  • GP-on-Bike-MI-06
  • GP-on-Bike-MI-06

    That has allowed me to visit a good number of the different locations where creativity from all over the world, of all sort of arts, technologies, materials and digital visualization are represented.

    The official guidelines of “” suggest ten different itineraries:

    1.    Brera Design District,

  • Brera-Design-District-16
  • Brera-Design-District-16

  • Brera-Design-District-22
  • Brera-Design-District-22

    2.    Tortona Around Design, /Here Nu for New Art Live.

  • Live-Body-Art-@-Via-Tortona-02
  • Live-Body-Art-@-Via-Tortona-02

    3.    Ventura Lambrate,
    4.    Elita Design Week Festival 9,
    5.    Porta Venezia in Design,
    6.    Public Design Festival,
    7.    Sarpi Bridge - Oriental Design Week,
    8.    Superstudio Temporary Museum for New Design,
    9.    La Triennale di Milano,

  • Triennale---Fuorisalone-2014-23
  • Triennale---Fuorisalone-2014-23

    10.    Selected by Architonic,

    But there is a lot more, with design inspiring every activity in the most popular areas.
    Inter alias the many and interesting exhibitions presented under the theme FEEDING NEW IDEAS FOR THE CITY organised by the magazine« Interni» at the Università Degli Studi are a must (see video).


  • Cover-video-Università-Studi
  • Cover-video-Università-Studi

    Video Installation at Università degli Studi


    Not to be missed are the splendid and rich Triennale, the Brera District and the Via Tortona area.

    At Via Tortona 32 you must see the works presented by Peugeot’s Design Lab and, not far from there, the MINI Hub with the high-tech installation created by the London base United Visual Artists (UVA) group.

  • MINI-HUB-01
  • MINI-HUB-01

    Many carmakers want to be part of the Italian design festival and are indeed part of it since several years, such as Audi and Lexus. Other ones, such as Ford are just marking their presence but miss to show new ideas and creativity
    Follow me in the next few hours and day for more reports, images and video interviews from the Milano Design Week.


  • Triennale---Fuorisalone-2014-01
  • Triennale---Fuorisalone-2014-04
  • Triennale---Fuorisalone-2014-05
  • Triennale---Fuorisalone-2014-07
  • Triennale---Fuorisalone-2014-23
  • Università-degli-Studi-2014-01
  • Università-degli-Studi-2014-04
  • Università-degli-Studi-2014-07
  • Università-degli-studi-47
  • Università-degli-Studi-2014-03
  • Live-Body-Art-@-Via-Tortona-02
  • GP-on-Bike-MI-06
  • De-Silva-for-Audi-2014-02
  • De-Silva-for-Audi-2014-19
  • De-Silva-for-Audi-2014-14
  • Cover-video-Università-Studi


  • Brera-Design-District-25
  • Brera-Academy-10
  • Brera-Academy-02
  • Brera-Academy-04
  • Brera-Academy-03
  • Brera-Academy-09
  • Brera-Design-District-22
  • Brera-Design-District-01
  • Brera-Design-District-04
  • Brera-Design-District-05
  • Brera-Design-District-06
  • Brera-Design-District-08
  • Cotoletta-Milanese-01
  • Brera-Design-District-09
  • Brera-Design-District-14
  • Brera-Design-District-15
  • Brera-Design-District-16
  • Brera-Design-District-18
  • Brera-Design-District-24