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Auto-classica-2014Techno Classica in Essen.


In Spring, the time comes to take out of the garages the most loved cars of all times: the vintage and classic cars.  After the winter rest , there are quite a few international events that car collectors and “the business” opportunities cannot miss. The Italian 1000 Miglia and Concorso d’Eleganza at Villa d’Este, in may, the Goodwood Festival of Speed in late June but it is the Techno Classica Motor Show that opens the season in March.
This event, not as glamorous the ones just mentioned is the most relevant in the Old Continent where the first motorcars were born.

Indeed. Techno Classica it said to be the world’s largest and most important gathering on vintage, classic and “modern” contemporary classics. It attracts more than 1,250 exhibitors from 30 countries and last year some 193.400 visitors from 41 nations were registered in the five days of the event.
Vintage and classic cars certainly mean automobile affection, passions, history and culture to anyone. They also mean a lot more for carmakers: the brand identity, image and business.



  • Mercedes-Benz-classic-2
  • Mercedes-Benz-classic-2

    With original conditions being the decisive factor in determining the value of historic vehicles, more and more carmakers are paying attention to this evergreen niche of the market.
    Promotional events go hand in hand with the sales of original spare parts and quite a turnover.
    Inter alias, BMW Group Classic has a catalogue of more than 40,000 original parts and keeps the range expanding by around 500 items every year by resuming manufacturing of selected components and creating replicas with characteristics closely reflecting those of the original products.



  • BMW-328-Mille-Miglia-Touring-Coupé-
  • BMW-328-Mille-Miglia-Touring-Coupé-


    So do Audi, Mercedes-Benz and Lamborghini have nothing less to offer.
    Indeed, Lamborghini actually survived its worst and almost fatal crises by servicing and restoring vintage Miura and Countach.

    This explain why to top premium brands, including Alfa Romeo and Lamborghini, do not hesitate to invest a small fortune to mark their presence at Techno Classica.





  • Lamborghini 1964 350 GT
  • Lamborghini 1964 350 GT
    Lamborghini 1964 350 GT


    On its side Bugatti marked the date by officially announcing that they are also paying the greatest attention on “pre-owned” cars, which is a more elegant way of saying they are also trading used cars for their patrons and potential new entry.






  • Alfa-Romeo_Giulietta-Spider-prototipo-America
  • Alfa-Romeo_Giulietta-Spider-prototipo-America


    We take this opportunity to offer you a unique gallery reviewing some of the most interesting vintage cars the top companies selected for the Techno Classica taking place these days in Essen, Germany.



     Those were the days - An essay of iconic cars from the past century.




    Mercedes-Benz 1954 W 196 R Gran Prix
    Mercedes-Benz 1955 300 SLR
  • Mercedes-Simplex 40 PS, 1902
  • Mercedes-Benz SSK 1928-1932
  • Audi-Type-C-won-the-Alpine-Rally-1914
  • Alfa-Romeo_8C-2300-Monza
  • Alfa-Romeo_P2-Gran-Premio
  • Alfa-Romeo_RL-Targa-Florio
  • Mercedes 115 hp Grand Prix 1914
  • Winners of the 1914 French GP 1914.
  • Mercedes-Benz W 154 / M 163 Formula1939.
  • Mercedes-Benz 1928 SSK at Grossglockner
  • Mercedes-Benz W 25 B @ 1935 Monaco Grand Prix
  • Mercedes-Benz W 125, 1937.
  • Mercedes-Benz W 125 @ 1937 Monaco Grand Prix
  • Mercedes-Benz 1.5 liter W 165 @ 1939 Tripoli GP
  • Auto-Union-1936-Type-C-Grand-Prix
  • Mercedes-Benz W 125, 1939
  • 1952 Panamericana Mercedes-Benz 300 SL Roadster (W 194) Coupé and Roadster
  • 3rd Panamericana service point tyres change
  • Mercedes-Benz 1952 300 SL
  • Mercedes-Benz 1954-55 W 196 R Gran Prix
  • Mercedes-Benz 1954-55W 196 R Gran Prix
  • Mercedes-Benz 1954 W 196 R Gran Prix
  • Mercedes-Benz 1954 W 196 R @ Reims
  • Mercedes-Benz 1955  300 SLR
  • Mercedes-Benz 1955  300 SLR @ MM
  • Mercedes-Benz 1955  300 SLR @ MM
  • Alfa-Romeo_Giulietta-Spider-prototipo-America
  • Alfa-Romeo_TZ-2
  • BMW-328-Mille-Miglia-Touring-Coupé-
  • MINI-1964-Montecarlo-winner-01
  • MINI-1964-Montecarlo-winner-04
  • MINI-1964-Montecarlo-winner-02
  • BMW-M3
  • Mercedes-Benz 1.5 liter W 165 @ 1939 Tripoli GP - Goodwood
  • Audi-Rallye-quattro-A2,-Stig-Blomqvist-WC-1984
  • Mercedes-Benz 2005 AMG C Class DTM
  • Mercedes-Benz-280-se-Classic
  • Mercedes-Benz-280-SL-Brabus
  • Mercedes-Benz-classic-1
  • Mercedes-Benz-classic-2
  • BMW-1999-V12-LMR-
  • Mercedes-Benz 1989 Sauber-Mercedes C 9.
  • Rolls-Royce post WW II Silver Wraith
  • Alfa-Romeo_Giulietta-berlina
  • Alfa-Romeo_TZ-2
  • AR-1954-Giulietta-Sprint
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