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Ferrari 275 GTBCorsa Ecurie Francorchamps

According to inside sources in Modena, a famous Italian company has recently agreed with a mysterious Chinese start-up for the development and application of a revolutionary system to grant unlimited range to the EV Supercar of the future.

Reportedly the principle is based on nuclear fusion produced in a micro and ultracompact reactor.

The highly secretive development is based on the 1920 suggestion by Mr. Arthur Eddington that the fusion of hydrogen and helium could be the primary source of stellar energy. Quantum tunneling was discovered by Friedrich Hund in 1929, and shortly afterwards Robert Atkinson and Fritz Houtermans used the measured masses of light elements to show that large amounts of energy could be released by fusing small nuclei. (source:

The benefits in automotive transport of a small battery the size of two Coffe Mugs and the weight benefit of such a battery have long been recognized by research institutes around the world. What has been missing so far is the technology to start and control the reactor in any of environments and every operating conditions.

The Chinese start-up have reportedly succeeded in solving the problem using know-how available within the Chinese military industry but no patent has been applied for to secure toppo secret on the revolutionary concept and details.

The chairman of the Chinese start-up has approached the executives, in Modena in a most surprising twist says our sources. He asked to talk to the company top executive to complain after having destroying his one-million dollar supercar in a all-by-myself experience from which he came out without the slightest injury.


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