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Stratos the bible


The collection that Stratos collectors cannot afford to miss.

Only a couple of passionates fan of the Lancia Stratos can imagine and dare to create the largest collection of anything Lancia Stratos by Bertone and eventually produce what can comfortably be described as the "bible of the Stratos". Enrico Borgogno and world famous Thomas Popper did it.And here come the outcome of many years of word. It consists of 5 tomes plus a set videos on CDs (for a total of 8 hours of entertainment) and it is being presented at the Museo dell'Automobile in Torino on Aprl 4th at 5:30 p.m.

If you are in the area or a fan of the Lancia Stratos by Bertone make a reservation to attend. You should stay in Torino overnight so that you can meet Leonardo Fiordavanti and thous his exhibiton. 

The whole package (produced in a limited series of 750 of which 500 reserved for Lancia Stratos owner) can be purchased on line at at € 985. The single Volume 1 comes at € 165.

First look


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