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160745 car Ferrari SP 275 rw competizione fr web


Ferrari has recently delivered another of its “Special Project” masterpiece to the United States. Called “Ferrari 275 rw Competizione”, the latest one-off commissioned by a wealthy American collector is a unique and custom-tailored development of the Ferrari F12 Berlinetta. It has been designed by Pininfarina in co-operation with Ferrari Senior Vice-President for Design, Flavio Manzoni.

The public announcement came only after its owner presented the exclusive one-off at at the Daytona International Speedway, on the occasion of Ferrari’s world finals «Finali Mondiali» of the Ferrari 488 Challenge, last December.

Ferrari 275 GTBCorsa Ecurie Francorchamps

The powerful V12 Ferrari takes the name of SP 275 rw Competizione from its owner, Mr. Rick Workman of Windermere, Florida and has been built to his own commission and specifications.

Its look is quite a departure from the “bold” style of the contemporary Ferrari F12 Berlinetta in favour of the “vintage” elegance inspired by the rare (only three were built in 1964) Ferrari 275 GTB/C Speciale that is now part of the renowned Ferrari collection of another American by the famous name of Preston Henn.

Mr. Henn is famous as the owner of what is regarded as the most valuable vintage Ferrari and even more for his decision to sue Ferrari for refusing to sell him a “La Ferrari Aperta”, after the company sent back to him the $ 1million check he sent directly to Mr. Sergio Marchionne.

The overall design of the SP 275 rw/C is classic and tamed, banking primarily on the simple, pure and round overall surfaces, with strengthened muscles around and above the rear wheel arches that are slightly wider (and so is the track, in comparison to the F12 TdF) to take exclusive 10 spokes, 20 inches, forged rims and to express the higher power of the TdF V12 credited of some 770 HP.

The vintage “Corsa” and the new one-off share the Ferrari badge and the beautiful Ecurie-Francorchamps-yellow paintwork. They also share a series of “gills” air-outlets, and the milled aluminium fuel filler cap, also recalling the Ferrari 275 GTB/C that won the GT class at Le Mans in 1965 and are typical of the race winning Ferraris of the late sixties. Much like the original the SP 275 rw Competizione bodywork is primarily made of aluminium body panel unlike the progressive Ferrari J50 that makes extensive use of carbon fibre.160746 car Ferrari SP 275 rw competizione r web

At the front the classic “mouth” for the radiator is back and gone from the bonnet is the large central air-intake of the F12. It is all in favour of more classic design, simple and clean, rounded up by the new, and once again, vintage-style mouth and grille at the front.

Design vice-president Flavio Manzoni is very proud of the project as «it fulfils its mission to the full satisfaction of its patron, merging the nostalgic theme with balanced the proportion of a classic style over the most modern mechanical and layout. To stand out as a pure Ferrari in its utmost simplicity proportions had to be perfect and we worked a long time perfecting them again and again».

Manzoni praised the project management of Johann Lemercier (Design Program Manager) who is in charge of “Special Project” at Ferrari’s Centro Stile, and his entire team.

The price tag attached to this jewel is a private affair but it is estimated to be around the $4 million mark. A bargain for an instant classic, in comparison to the value of the original 275 GTB/C (C for Corsa, race) vintage classic, recently reported at $100million., posizionamento sui motori

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