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Techrules supercar WEB 

Two new Chinese projects, three hyper-performance sport cars, two all-electric high-power vehicles, one luxury sedan and three big names from Torino Italy, will positively attract a lot of attention and be the talk of the Geneva Motor Show next month.

Add to the news the world premiere of a new car manufacturer and of a newly established design hub going by two famous names. Respectively Italdesign and Fabrizio (with the casual assistance of Maestro Giorgetto Giugiaro officially retired but indeed unstoppable).

All this is a lot in small pond and it may be confusing. Indeed is much simpler than it appears.

As we have already reported Italdesign will be on stage at Geneva as a registered car manufacturer launching a new car-for-road of its own. Not a show car to attract just their traditional clients (other car makers from all over the world) but a street legal supercar (with European type-approval) that will certainly appeal also to high flying car buyers.

These will eventually have the pleasure of signing off a check well into the over-one-million euros sphere to acquire one the five-only supercars to be built and sold not in Maranello or Sant’Agata but in Torino.

Italdesign Automobili Speciali 2017 1

Inside sources are now confirming that this exclusive supercar shares a great deal with those of the Audi R8/Lamborghini Huracan and reflects the design visions and language of Filippo Perini who moved to Italdesign from parent company Lamborghini with strong style and great aerodynamic features. The V8 or V12 power plants will be those specified by the buyer who might be offered stables of up to some 900 HP.

How well the Italdesign hypercar will compare with the all-electric prototype designed by past colleague, and today rival, Fabrizio Giugiaro (under the newly established “GFG Style”) for Techrules will be hotly debated and divisive. The two hypercars will be sitting close one to another at the show and this will certainly stimulate quite a debate in the design and critics for more

Sources close to the Giugiaro project confirm its design is very innovative, very spectacular and expected to be very controversial for its layout, features and racy style.

According to the Chinese start-up, the new Techrules GT 89 is to be built in Torino in a limited number of 25 units.

Techrules Monza

The first experimental prototype has just been caught this week at Monza race track in its single-seat setting. The first on-track performance should be announced at the Geneva Motor Show soon. (Photo from Paolo Artemi; Corriere della Sera).

The third contender for the “star of the show sport car award” from Torino is the EF7 two seater, road-and-track racer, designed by Pininfarina for the Florida, U.S.A. based Fittipaldi Motors. Here again the FITTIPALDI EF7 Vision Gran Turismo is not just a show-car but a real high performance sport car developed from a sophisticated Mercedes-Benz platform in association with German specialist HWA and to be built in a limited number of cars for the track, with the potential of being registered for the American roads.Pininfarina EF7 Detail

According to our sources, the powertrain will positively deliver hundreds of horsepower and tons of torque purely from pistons, but whether they will be coming from multiple-turbo V8 or V12 “by AMG” remain to be seen.

The second Chinese project and the second full E.V. vehicle completing the performance of the Turin’s designers in Geneva is the Luxury sedan being completed these days at Pininfarina for Hybrid Kinetics (HK Motors of Hong King). 

Pininfarina 2017 HK Motors 1

HK Motors 2017 detail
Pininfarina 2017 HK Motors 2


Called H600 the sustainable high standards sedan is reportedly banking on the graphene battery technology to deliver high and lasting power. Technical specifications and range are not available at this time but Pininfarina’s retiring head of design, Fabio Filippini says the new limousine is an “extremely elegant and confortable E.V. combining the purity of Pininfarina design tradition with a most progressive and sustainable technology”.

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