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By Giancarlo Perini ©


Italdesign Automobili Speciali 2017 3


Putting action behind his words, Italdesign C.E.O. Jörg Astalosch has invested the past year into opening the Italian design and engineering tank to the world outside the VW Group.

The most obvious achievement of his new strategy will be unveiled at the forthcoming Geneva Motor Show where the Turin based company is due to unveil a top performance two-seater sport car which model type is not official yet but which brand name is a newcomer to the list of car manufacturer: Italdesign.

Indeed the car is not the traditional concept or show car but a street legal supercar with European type-approval certificate and it is for sale. For sale but in a very limited number of five units which price tag will be very close to those one-off, or few-offs, that wealthy car collectors around the world love to invest into.

They are not interested yet in futuristic electric or hybrid cars and demand petrol car powered by 8 and 12 cylinder engines that sound the music they like to hear.

Lips at Italdesign are tight and the teasing images released so far by the company do not say much. However unofficial sources suggest that the bones and heart of the new Italdesign Supercar share a great deal with those of the Audi R8 and Lamborghinis V10 Huracan. The fact that the head of design Filippo Perini (no relation with the author) is the father of the most recent and successful Lamborghinis implies that the contest for the most spectacular supercar at the Geneva Motor Show will be fiercely fought next month when Pininfarina and Fabrizio Giugiaro also unveil their “limited series over-one-million-dollars-supercar”.


Italdesign Automobili Speciali 2017 1


Italdesign Automobili Speciali 2017 2



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