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Citroen-Divine-DS-2014-18Its name says it all, the new DIVINE DS (from the House of Citroen) has designed and created in Paris, France, to really impress those who will attend the next Mondial de l’Automobile, next door to their headquarters.

In preparation for that the ultimate concept has just been unveiled few weeks after the official birth of the brand.

  • Citroen-Divine-DS-2014-22
  • Citroen-Divine-DS-2014-22

    Its style is very French. First of all it is flamboyant. Its package and size are very European and somewhat classic, for its 4-door architecture, and compact with its 4.21 metre length. The mission is clear: conquer a larger and higher share of the European C-segment market.

    The key instrument to win the challenge is clear and goes by the name of modern and sophisticated design. A design that is at the opposite corner of the “practical and innovative” strategy Citroen is applying to the brand carrying the original name of the factory.

  • Citroen-Divine-DS-2014-07
  • Citroen-Divine-DS-2014-07
    The challenge now for Citroen’s (pardon: DS) designers now is to bring the design of their concept into the mass production car that one day will replace the current C4 range. A challenge to which also their colleagues from engineering, manufacturing, marketing and sales will have to contribute.

    Here is what will be motivating them and why.

    So far most DS have been derivative designs from different Citroen and have an outstanding success worldwide because of their style. They must confirm this trend now with a new car that owes nothing to an existing Citroen -that we know of - and with its name Divine can only aims for the Olympus of the sales chart for premium brands.

  • Citroen-Divine-DS-2014-13
  • Citroen-Divine-DS-2014-13

    Indeed DS spoken in French sounds as Deesse and we can speak of a «Divine Deesse» or, to say that in English «Divine Goddess»).

    The benchmark? Think first and foremost of Audi 3 (which after all are - or were - derivatives of Volkswagen).

    According to its designers the new concept proposed unique exterior and an exceptional interior! The original cabin features a bold, high-tech layout of spectacular contrasts, expressing the avant-garde design, refinement and sophistication of DS - bold design: with its exclusive ‘Hypertypage’ concept, DIVINE DS introduces a new automotive experience.

  • Citroen-Divine-DS-2014-14
  • Citroen-Divine-DS-2014-14

    Their philosophy is that «customers should be invited to choose an interior trim that truly reflects their personality from a selection worthy of an haute couture fashion house. The cabin of DIVINE DS features three interchangeable interior ambiences, each with its own original and unique personality; - French elegance: DIVINE DS reflects the combined expertise of several prestigious houses, such as Lesage for embroidery and Swarovski for crystal work. The presence of these firms, each one setting the standard in its field, demonstrates the ambition and the capability of DS to overturn established codes and bring different worlds – such as technology and style - together.

  • Citroen-Divine-DS-2014-27
  • Citroen-Divine-DS-2014-27

    The Divine DS wants be perceived as a car of dynamic, active design, with futuristic, avant-garde headlights combining sequential indicators with laser technology, facets on the roof that open to reveal a reversing camera, and optimised aerodynamics. A perfect alliance between sophistication and technology.

  • Citroen-Divine-DS-2014-31
  • Citroen-Divine-DS-2014-31

    Inside the car, the ‘cockpit’ driving position and exclusive use of digital systems (touch screen, holographic display, etc.) showcases the massive in-car technology.

    More from the Paris Motor Show, next month.

  • Citroen-Divine-DS-2014-01
  • Citroen-Divine-DS-2014-02
  • Citroen-Divine-DS-2014-03
  • Citroen-Divine-DS-2014-04
  • Citroen-Divine-DS-2014-05
  • Citroen-Divine-DS-2014-06
  • Citroen-Divine-DS-2014-07
  • Citroen-Divine-DS-2014-08
  • Citroen-Divine-DS-2014-09
  • Citroen-Divine-DS-2014-10
  • Citroen-Divine-DS-2014-11
  • Citroen-Divine-DS-2014-12
  • Citroen-Divine-DS-2014-13
  • Citroen-Divine-DS-2014-14
  • Citroen-Divine-DS-2014-15
  • Citroen-Divine-DS-2014-16
  • Citroen-Divine-DS-2014-17
  • Citroen-Divine-DS-2014-18
  • Citroen-Divine-DS-2014-19
  • Citroen-Divine-DS-2014-20
  • Citroen-Divine-DS-2014-21
  • Citroen-Divine-DS-2014-22
  • Citroen-Divine-DS-2014-23
  • Citroen-Divine-DS-2014-24
  • Citroen-Divine-DS-2014-25
  • Citroen-Divine-DS-2014-26
  • Citroen-Divine-DS-2014-27
  • Citroen-Divine-DS-2014-28
  • Citroen-Divine-DS-2014-29
  • Citroen-Divine-DS-2014-30
  • Citroen-Divine-DS-2014-31
  • Citroen-Divine-DS-2014-32
  • Citroen-Divine-DS-2014-33
  • Citroen-Divine-DS-2014-34
  • Citroen-Divine-DS-2014-35
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