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Car-Styling-196-cover-webCar Styling will be back starting July 26th, in Japan. After four years since the last issue 196 was published in May 2010, the car design magazine established by Akira Fujimoto in 1973 will take a new format and a temporary new title: "MotorFan Extra Car styling Vol.1".
The choice reflects the regulations applied in Japan by the publishers' wholesale association. Indeed the new issue is classified as a "Mook", that is "Magazine+Book". That is a periodical book.
Through the Internet revolution and the economy downturn in most advanced economies many successful magazines had to stop publication and the renaissance of Car Styling is both an act of love by many car design enthusiasts and professionals as well as an act of faith by the publishers and editors.
The New Car Styling will have a new format, a new design and a content aiming at a wider public, appealing to design enthusiasts and students in the first place and, through them, the design professionals. It will be lighter and more affordable.
 Hironobu Matsunaga, who was appointed Chief Editor of Car Styling back in 2009, has been confirmed in his role and I will continue to be the European Editor. Akira Fujimoto will continue to be President of Car Styling.
More information, here and in, in the next days.