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More-from-Paris-2014-by-Dani-26Our contributing photodesigner Daniele Madia has had a lot of fun at the Paris Show early this month and here are some of his shots focusing on different displays. In many instances his clicks tell a lot more than many words.









Click on any image to see the entire Photo Gallery.

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  • More-from-Paris-2014-by-Dani-17
  • More-from-Paris-2014-by-Dani-19
  • More-from-Paris-2014-by-Dani-22
  • More-from-Paris-2014-by-Dani-24
  • More-from-Paris-2014-by-Dani-25
  • More-from-Paris-2014-by-Dani-26
  • More-from-Paris-2014-by-Dani-28
  • More-from-Paris-2014-by-Dani-29
  • More-from-Paris-2014-by-Dani-33
  • More-from-Paris-2014-by-Dani-34
  • More-from-Paris-2014-by-Dani-35
  • More-from-Paris-2014-by-Dani-37
  • More-from-Paris-2014-by-Dani-38
  • More-from-Paris-2014-by-Dani-40
  • More-from-Paris-2014-by-Dani-46
  • More-from-Paris-2014-by-Dani-47
  • More-from-Paris-2014-by-Dani-48
  • More-from-Paris-2014-by-Dani-49


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