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Through the past five years I have been running a blog dedicated to car design with an experimental approach. I was eager to establish a bridge with the design community and to gain experience on the web.

Now, time has come for a new project with broader goals, focuses and reach.

The goal is to establish a very lively «Café littéraire» where professional designers, design educators and students, car and design enthusiasts meet, show their ideas, discuss design matters and trends, contribute with their own reports and stories to the development of a modern design culture, with past experiences and inputs from different cultures.

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Historic Maseratis  MEF 2014MASERATI continues its celebrations of the company and, as highly anticipated, it has just inaugurated a unique exhibition in Modena named MASERATI 100 - A Century of Pure Italian Luxury Sports Cars.

The exhibition retraces the story of the famous Italian carmaker presents some of the most significant road and racing cars created by the company. In addition visitors can enjoy a highly engaging visual that relives the most significant milestones and the individuals of the Maserati history. The exhibition is staged in the modern Muse Enzo Ferrari (MEF) a stone's throw from the Maserati headquarters in Viale Ciro Menotti, the exhibition and will run through January 2015.

We recommend you rush to visit the exhibition as soon as possible, considering that some of the historic car on display will not there through the deadline but might have to be sent back to their owners or go to another exhibition




  • A6-GC-53-Berlinetta-PininFarina-01
  • A6-GC-53-Berlinetta-PininFarina-02
  • Maserati-4CLT--03
  • Maserati-4CLT--04
  • Maserati-250F-10
  • Maserati-250F-12
  • Maserati-250F-13
  • Maserati-250F-14
  • Maserati-250F-15
  • Maserati-420M-Eldorado-01
  • Maserati-420M-Eldorado-02
  • Maserati-420M-Eldorado-03
  • Maserati-1956_450-S-Roadster-Fantuzzi-68
  • Maserati-1956_450-S-Roadster-Fantuzzi-69
  • Maserati-1956_450-S-Roadster-Fantuzzi-70
  • Maserati-1956_450-S-Roadster-Fantuzzi-71
  • Maserati-1956_450-S-Roadster-Fantuzzi-72
  • Maserati-3500-GT-Touring-01
  • Maserati-3500-GT-Touring-02
  • Maserati-5000GT-31
  • Maserati-5000GT-32
  • Maserati-5000GT-33
  • Maserati-5000GT-34
  • Maserati-5000GT-35
  • Maserati-A6-1500-Pininfarina-22
  • Maserati-A6-1500-Pininfarina-23
  • Maserati-A6-1500-Pininfarina-24
  • Maserati-A6-1500-Pininfarina-26
  • Maserati-A6-1500-Pininfarina-27
  • Maserati-A6-1500-Pininfarina-28
  • Maserati-A6-1500-Pininfarina-29
  • Maserati-A6-1500-Pininfarina-30
  • Maserati-A6-1500-PininFarina
  • Maserati-A6G-54-Berlinetta-Zagato-36
  • Maserati-A6G-54-Berlinetta-Zagato-37
  • Maserati-A6G-54-Berlinetta-Zagato-38
  • Maserati-Birdcage-51
  • Maserati-Birdcage-53
  • Maserati-Birdcage-54
  • Maserati-Birdcage-55
  • Maserati-Birdcage-57
  • Maserati-Birdcage-58
  • Maserati-Italdesign-Boomerang-1972--01
  • Maserati-Italdesign-Boomerang-1972--02
  • Maserati-Italdesign-Boomerang-1972--03
  • Maserati-Italdesign-Boomerang-1972--05
  • Maserati-Italdesign-Boomerang-1972--06
  • Maserati-Italdesign-Boomerang-1972--07
  • Maserati-Italdesign-Boomerang-1972--10
  • Maserati-MC12-05
  • Maserati-MC12-06
  • Maserati-MC12-07
  • Maserati-MC12-08
  • Maserati-MC12-09
  • Maserati-Quattroporte_01
  • Maserati-Tipo-6CM-39
  • Maserati-Tipo-6CM-40
  • Maserati-Tipo-6CM-41
  • Maserati-Tipo-6CM-42
  • Maserati-Tipo-6CM-44
  • Maserati-Tipo-8CM-45
  • Maserati-Tipo-8CM-46
  • Maserati-Tipo-8CM-47
  • Maserati-Tipo-8CM-48
  • Maserati-Tipo-8CM-49
  • Maserati-Tipo-8CM-50
  • Maserati-Tipo-26B-59
  • Maserati-Tipo-26B-61
  • Maserati-Tipo-26B-62
  • Maserati-Tipo-26B-63
  • Maserati-Tipo-V4-Sport-Zagato-64
  • Maserati-Tipo-V4-Sport-Zagato-65
  • Maserati-Tipo-V4-Sport-Zagato-66
  • Maserati-Tipo-V4-Sport-Zagato-67
  • MEF-100-Years-Maserati-02
  • MEF-100-Years-Maserati-03
  • MEF-100-Years-Maserati-04
  • MEF-100years-Maserati-05
  • Cars-@-MEF-x-Maserati-100-01
  • Cars-@-MEF-x-Maserati-100-02
  • Cars-@-MEF-x-Maserati-100-03
  • Cars-@-MEF-x-Maserati-100-04
  • Cars-@-MEF-x-Maserati-100-06
  • Cars-@-MEF-x-Maserati-100-07
  • Cars-@-MEF-x-Maserati-100-08
  • Cars-@-MEF-x-Maserati-100-09
  • Cars-@-MEF-x-Maserati-100-10
  • Cars-@-MEF-x-Maserati-100-11
  • Cars-@-MEF-x-Maserati-100-12
  • Cars-@-MEF-x-Maserati-100-13
  • Cars-@-MEF-x-Maserati-100-14
  • Cars-@-MEF-x-Maserati-100-15
  • Cars-@-MEF-x-Maserati-100-16
  • Cars-@-MEF-x-Maserati-100-17
  • Cars-@-MEF-x-Maserati-100-18
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