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Car designers around the world, please help us to raise this baby. Make it yours.

Yes, you can!

Through the past five years I have been running a blog dedicated to car design with an experimental approach. I was eager to establish a bridge with the design community and to gain experience on the web.

Now, time has come for a new project with broader goals, focuses and reach.

The goal is to establish a very lively «Café littéraire» where professional designers, design educators and students, car and design enthusiasts meet, show their ideas, discuss design matters and trends, contribute with their own reports and stories to the development of a modern design culture, with past experiences and inputs from different cultures.

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And, please, invite all your friends to join us, here and now.

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Dark tinted glass keeps the interior cool by absorbing solar energy and at the same time offers privacy for passengers in the back of the car (dark tinted glass is not permitted for the driver and forward-passenger windows, or of course for the windscreen). Dark tinted glass is available in several colours and each colour in several shades from lighter to very dark. The values shown are percentages of light transmission.

  • Window-Tint-Laws-Colorado-Fisher-Auto
  • Window-Tint-Laws-Colorado-Fisher-Auto


    Switchable glazing, which responds to varying electrical conditions with correspondingly different colour properties, allows for the creation of a "customized" interior ambience. Via a simple dial, a driver or passengers can control the amount of light entering the vehicle - blocking anywhere from 4% to 40%. Heat from sunlight can be reduced by anywhere from 2% to 20%. One can select a lighter tint on cloudy days, and then darken it when the sun reappears, or simply change the lighting to suit one's mood or create an appearance appropriate for the occasion.

  • SLK
  • SLK

    Mercedes-Benz SLK