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Car designers around the world, please help us to raise this baby. Make it yours.

Yes, you can!

Through the past five years I have been running a blog dedicated to car design with an experimental approach. I was eager to establish a bridge with the design community and to gain experience on the web.

Now, time has come for a new project with broader goals, focuses and reach.

The goal is to establish a very lively «Café littéraire» where professional designers, design educators and students, car and design enthusiasts meet, show their ideas, discuss design matters and trends, contribute with their own reports and stories to the development of a modern design culture, with past experiences and inputs from different cultures.

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Style and Taste.


A car is, for many people, a reflection of their desired image or style, expressing an element of who they are and what they enjoy. And the car's glass is an important visual component of this. Some people prefer the privacy of darkly tinted glass (or the perceived "VIP image" that goes with it), others like more light and openness. Many of these selections for the average driver are predicated upon cost.

Visual light and aerodynamic design requires glazed surfaces of increasingly complex geometries, which can be a real manufacturing challenge to ensure durability and perfect vision. Manufacturers are therefore continuously developing advanced glass shaping techniques which allow for the bending and shaping of the glass to offer car makers the freedom to achieve their design and style concepts whilst keeping a watchful eye on ever increasing tooling costs.


  • mazda-kazamai-car-concept1
  • mazda-kazamai-car-concept1



    Colorants and colours.


    Some of the most-used colorants and the colours they produce are listed below:

    Iron – Green, brown, blue

    Manganese – Purple

    Chromium – Green, yellow, pink

    Vanadium – Green, blue, grey

    Copper – blue, green, red

    Cobalt – blue, green, pink

    Nickel – yellow, purple

    Titanium – purple, brown

    Cerium – yellow

    Selenium – pink, red

    Gold – Red

    Sulphide – yellow

    Carbon & Sulphur – amber, brown.