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Car designers around the world, please help us to raise this baby. Make it yours.

Yes, you can!

Through the past five years I have been running a blog dedicated to car design with an experimental approach. I was eager to establish a bridge with the design community and to gain experience on the web.

Now, time has come for a new project with broader goals, focuses and reach.

The goal is to establish a very lively «Café littéraire» where professional designers, design educators and students, car and design enthusiasts meet, show their ideas, discuss design matters and trends, contribute with their own reports and stories to the development of a modern design culture, with past experiences and inputs from different cultures.

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The Future Now.

The Volvo Concept Estate would be an ideal vehicle to utilize developing technology by General Motors Research and the students from the FUTURE LAB at Bezalel Academy of Art and Design in Israel. The idea behind this was to conceptualize new ways to help rear seat passengers, particularly children, have a richer experience on the road.

  • Designing x Style
  • Designing x Style
    Designing x Style

    The project was inspired by studies indicating car passengers often feel disconnected from their environment especially during long family trips. GM asked the Bezalel students to turn car windows into interactive displays capable of stimulating engagement that fostered curiosity and encouraged a stronger connection with the world outside the vehicle. The idea was to create advanced windows capable of responding to vehicle speed and location that could augment real world views with interactive enhancements to provide entertainment and educational value. If such interactive windows were put into automotive production they likely would use electronically charged “smart glass” technology, which is capable of variable states of translucence and transparency, and can reflect projected images. Smart glass is increasingly used in architectural and display applications, rarely seen in cars. Photovoltaics or “smart glass” technology would only be able to be used on the vehicles side windows as it could not transition fast enough to clear as needed in the windshield, and this technology would have to fail to a clear state.
    The future is exciting and the possibilities seem to be endless for innovative uses in in glazing. With the rapid development of mobile apps and the readymade substrate of glass, I cannot wait to see the new world technology comingling with the old school design.

  • Glass Engineering Front Cover new
  • Glass Engineering Front Cover new
    Glass Engineering Front Cover new


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    Cutting rollers
    Solar Panel on Pininfarina Blue Car
    Lotus 2010 Evora 414E Hybrid 2 copia
  • Pininfarina 1968 250 P5 2 copia
  • Pininfarina 1968 250 P5 copia
  • De Tomaso 1970 Mangusta copia
  • Kia Optima
  • Lotus 2010 Evora 414E Hybrid 2 copia
  • Lotus 2010 Evora 414E Hybrid 3 copia
  • MINI 2011 Rocketman Concept
  • MINI 2011 Rocketman Concept
  • Mercedes-Benz 2011 SLK
  • MINI 2011 Rocketman Concept
  • Designing x Style
  • Volvo Concept Estate @ Geneva 2014
  • McLaren-P1-brd-view
  • Volvo Concept Estate @ Geneva 2014
  • Geneva 2013 by GP
  • kia-optima-12
  • Alfa Romeo 159
  • Glass Engineering Front Cover new
  • AR Glass
  • audi_future_technology_1-1024x724
  • SLK
  • Fluid_Between_Hydrophilic_and_Hydrophobic_Plates
  • Glass Accoustic
  • Glass Acustic comparison
  • Glass Heated Windscreen
  • hydrophobic_hydrophilic_droplet_(1)
  • mazda-kazamai-car-concept1
  • Solar Panel on Pininfarina Blue Car
  • Tinted Glass 1
  • Tinted Glass 2
  • Veiling glare
  • Window-Tint-Laws-Colorado-Fisher-Auto
  • PVB Interlayer
  • 2011_Lincoln_MKX_10
  • Concept car ZaZen
  • Cutting rollers
  • FloatingGlass
  • Glass Engineering - The book
  • Glass for stairs
  • Insulated and Coated Glasss
  • Laminated-Glass-KX-02-bbb
  • MAN Spacetruck
  • pro_1b
  • Toughened_glass_will_break_into_small_pieces
  • ULTRA CLEAR float glass
  • Float Tanks Russia
  • Glass over molten tin
  • Heat strenghtened
  • Melting furnace 1
  • Melting Furnace 2
  • Melting furnace Diorama
  • Mercedes-Benz Glass Concept
  • Number floating lines
  • Once cooled down
  • Plants As of August
  • The float process
  • World Market Strucure
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