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Car designers around the world, please help us to raise this baby. Make it yours.

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Through the past five years I have been running a blog dedicated to car design with an experimental approach. I was eager to establish a bridge with the design community and to gain experience on the web.

Now, time has come for a new project with broader goals, focuses and reach.

The goal is to establish a very lively «Café littéraire» where professional designers, design educators and students, car and design enthusiasts meet, show their ideas, discuss design matters and trends, contribute with their own reports and stories to the development of a modern design culture, with past experiences and inputs from different cultures.

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Volvo is considering a high-end luxury wagon that would be based on the Concept Estate and wear V90 badges.


  • Volvo Concept Estate @ Geneva 2014
  • Volvo Concept Estate @ Geneva 2014
    Volvo Concept Estate @ Geneva 2014


    The concept is also fitted with a full glass roof, which is only supported structurally on the longitudinal roof rails, the header, front and rear header. No mid roof cross car structure. Features such as this are taking full use of advanced glass design.
    I like the clean application of the blackout for UV protection and to hide molding and possibly interior trim.
    Volvos glass engineers and stylists agreed the dot matrix pattern was not aesthetically beneficial in this case.
    Dot matrix patterns are generally used on passenger car windshields to break up the abrupt solid blackout line. They also aid in diffusing light.


  • Volvo Concept Estate @ Geneva 2014
  • Volvo Concept Estate @ Geneva 2014
    Volvo Concept Estate @ Geneva 2014


    Normally, a single panoramic sunroof is of fixed laminated glass or an encapsulated assembly. The other type is made of either tempered or laminated glass, and can also be encapsulated. When you think of auto protection, features like airbags and safety belts immediately come to mind. But the glass that surrounds you also plays a critical role in keeping you safe. Nothing does it better than laminated glass.
    The reason is that unlike tempered glass, laminated glass is actually two pieces of glass bonded together by a plastic interlayer. When shattered, the fragments stick to the plastic, reducing the risk of ejection and helping to increase safety in an accident or collision.
    Laminated glass delivers twice the occupant ejection mitigation protection. The outstanding safety provided by laminated glass is why it's been a legal requirement for new windscreens in Europe since early 80s. Today, automakers can offer laminated glass throughout their vehicles, including side windows and sunroofs, to offer even greater protection. Glass has inherently poor acoustic properties, but laminated glass, alone or combined with additional glass plies to form a sealed, insulating glass unit, outperforms other glazing assemblies. Laminated glass reduces noise transmission due to the PVB layer's sound-dampening characteristics.