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As I walk in different cities I tend to look at cars both moving and parked ones. It is a habit from my first years working with cars, visiting motor-shows and reading motoring magazines.

Lately a funny trend has begun to come up: among the so-called big sedans there is a new trend in the side-view of the cars. Without any distinction between makes, the car’s side profile makes me think that one single designer seems to have influenced the whole industry!

I am talking about the down-sloping roofline at the rear and the almost identical lines of side-windows on many of the cars indicating one single designer and one single source for the windows.

No, I don’t mean there is anything wrong with that view. It is just that you have to walk around the car to identify the make and model. From the side they all look alike.

As I still read almost all road-test reports on new cars in magazines from Finland, Sweden, England, Spain and Italy, I have noted that many test-reports criticise the sloping roof for eating away a big chunk of the boot-capacity! Not having a big family and lots of luggage to cope with, the boot-size has not affected me. I believe the boot-capacity has been partly responsible for the big off-roaders and cross-overs gaining in market-share.




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