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BMW finds its roots!


I was absolutely delighted when I looked at photographs of the new BMW I8! First time in many years they have come up with a car that is like a sunrise for old fans of the make. Right now I am looking trough my bank accounts to see if there is even a slight chance to buy one!

If the photos don't try deceiving me, the car seems to have everything tight for a phenomenal sales success! Apart from being really sporty, it seems to be economical as well (in consumption!). Now I'm looking forward to get a test-drive as soon as possible!



  • BMW-2014-i8-on-the-road-12
  • BMW-2014-i8-on-the-road-16
  • BMW-2014-i8-on-the-road-01
  • BMW-2014-i8-on-the-road-08
  • BMW-2014-i8-on-the-road-23
  • BMW-2014-i8-on-the-road-19
  • BMW-2014-i8-on-the-road-10
  • BMW-2014-i8-on-the-road-07
  • BMW-2014-i8-on-the-road-06
  • BMW-2014-i8-on-the-road-02
  • BMW-2014-i8-on-the-road-24
  • BMW-2014-i8-on-the-road-20
  • BMW-2014-i8-on-the-road-48 c
  • BMW-2014-i8-on-the-road-59 c
  • BMW-2014-i8-on-the-road-55 c
  • BMW-2014-i8-Int-13
  • BMW-2014-i8-on-the-road-46
  • BMW-2014-i8-on-the-road-45
  • BMW-2014-i8-on-the-road-47
  • BMW-2014-i8-on-the-road-28
  • BMW-2014-i8-on-the-road-27
  • BMW-2014-i8-on-the-road-42
  • BMW-2014-i8-on-the-road-43
  • BMW-2014-i8-on-the-road-32
  • BMW-2014-i8-on-the-road-29
  • BMW-2014-i8-on-the-road-44
  • BMW-2014-i8-on-the-road-31
  • BMW-2014-i8-Int-01
  • BMW-2014-i8-Int-02
  • BMW-2014-i8-Int-03
  • BMW-2014-i8-Int-04
  • BMW-2014-i8-Int-05
  • BMW-2014-i8-Int-06
  • BMW-2014-i8-Int-07
  • BMW-2014-i8-Int-08
  • BMW-2014-i8-Int-09
  • BMW-2014-i8-Int-10
  • BMW-2014-i8-Int-11
  • BMW-2014-i8-Int-12
  • BMW-2014-i8-on-the-road-25