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Publisher and editor Costas Cavvathas was born in Athens, Greece in 1939. Studied in Greece and in England taking a two-year course in Mechanical Engineering. At the beginning of his career, he worked as an editor on automobile and technology issues in a number of Greek newspapers and as a chief editor of the “Auto Express” Car magazine. For many years he worked in the Foreign News Department of “Kathimerini” daily newspaper

In 1970, in association with his wife Sofia, he founded “Technical Press S.A. and launched 19 magazines, including the famous “4Troxoi” and, later on, the 87.7 FM “EN LEFKO” (Carte Blanche) radio station.

In 1994 he also established “Techlink”, the second private Internet Service Provider in Greece. He was a member of the Guild of Motoring Writers (UK) and is an Honorary Member of the Car of the Year Jury.

Besides his journalist’s background he has extensive racing experience in cars and is a licensed glider, single engine airplane and helicopter (R22, R44) pilot with more that a 1500hrs of flight time.

In the course of his journalistic duties besides test driven all sort of cars, he has test-flown more that 23 types of fighter jets (from Mirage to Sukhoi Su27)

Perhaps too busy writing stories and too passionate at his job he let managing the business to the wrong people, a mistake he deeply regrets. In 2006 he lost his controlling stake in “Technical Press S.A” which went bankrupt a few years later.

See his amazing “album”.

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