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ADCI- -vero-quadrato We call it a club, the Automotive Design Club International (ADCI), and all participants are members.


It is a club, a circle, a café litteraire, for automotive design professionals, students and enthusiasts getting together. From different corners of the world and at different time but with a common interest. We are you and you can be us, if you share our way, our "style", of staying together and of share common interests, passions, experiences.

 Through its first year the ADCI is open and free to all. We decline all sort of advertising and is not soliciting contributions. It is free and independent.

Then it will be up to all members to keep it alive and kicking.

Editors and columnists are not just veteran or novice journalists and writers but also industry insiders, designers, students, teachers, experts and enthusiasts.

The main language is English but we will publish contributions in any language, keeping our gates open to all ideas and opinions. However visual communication is essential. Please send us your images be photographs or renderings. We will post those with adequate quality.

Members must have a face and a real name. Nicknames may be used upon agreement with the publisher and only to protect reliable and certified sources.

You can be an active member or just a member.

Members can contribute by inserting comments (which we highly recommend) and submit images. Students can submit their projects and portfolio. They will be published if they have a fair quality standard.

Active members do contribute, occasionally or regularly, with reports and comments according to the club’s mission.


Here below is our portfolio of active members (always in progress and presented in alphabetic order).

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