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Car designers around the world, please help us to raise this baby. Make it yours.

Yes, you can!

Through the past five years I have been running a blog dedicated to car design with an experimental approach. I was eager to establish a bridge with the design community and to gain experience on the web.

Now, time has come for a new project with broader goals, focuses and reach.

The goal is to establish a very lively «Café littéraire» where professional designers, design educators and students, car and design enthusiasts meet, show their ideas, discuss design matters and trends, contribute with their own reports and stories to the development of a modern design culture, with past experiences and inputs from different cultures.

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Peugeot-Exalt-x-Paris-2014-02The restyling of a concept car.

A new trend is launched for the Paris Motor Show by Peugeot. The restyling of a concept car.

Restyling is typically reserved to production cars and when a concept car chassis was “recycled” for a new project the outcome would take a different name. Here we witness the introduction of the “sequel”.

Last Spring. Peugeot’s look into the potential successor to the 508 flagship took the shape of a luxury car that would attract the Chinese buyers.

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Citroen-Divine-DS-2014-18Its name says it all, the new DIVINE DS (from the House of Citroen) has designed and created in Paris, France, to really impress those who will attend the next Mondial de l’Automobile, next door to their headquarters.

In preparation for that the ultimate concept has just been unveiled few weeks after the official birth of the brand.

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Land Rover has revealed the new Discovery Sport, the world’s most versatile and capable premium compact SUV, says the camaker.

The first member of the new Discovery family, Discovery Sport, features 5+2 seating in a footprint no larger than existing 5-seat premium SUVs.

Discovery Sport’s progressive new design approach defines the new Discovery family with optimised volume, proportions and stance. Its design leadership combines with engineering integrity to result in a dynamic profile, the ultimate use of interior space and 5+2 seating configurability.

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Sixty years on, the marriage between Ferrari and Pininfarina remains a very happy one and keeps delivering juicy fruits. When this happy Italian couple introduced their «Pininfarina Sergio» Concept at the 2013 Geneva Motor Show they made no official statements about its future developments but insiders spoke and heard of a business plan considering the production of a limited series of six units. The rumours have come and go even since but now the news is semi-official. The Ferrari press-office has conceded that: yes, six units will be built and they are all committed to final owners.

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Renault is restating its passion for motor sports with the Renault Sport R.S. 01, a racing car of spectacular styling and exceptional performance. With a design mock-up inspired by the world of concept cars and governed by an absolute pursuit of aerodynamic downforce, Renault Sport R.S. 01 is a radical expression of the brand's sporting DNA, says the French brand.  «The spectacular look of Renault Sport R.S. 01 is born out of the world of concept cars and the result is a genuine racer which boasts extraordinary performance backed up by the Renault Sport signature." States Laurens van den Acker, Renault Senior Vice President, Corporate Design.

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Airflow Truck 2015 ConceptWhen an oil company such as Shell invests into the truck of the future to achieve record setting fuel economy people will notice.

The new comes from the Connecticut based AirFlow Truck Co.  via our columnist Lyn Zbinden, who has recently joined the design team to contribute to the further, dramatic, improvement of its aerodynamic efficiency.

According to Mr. Zbinden: «This 2015 truck I am designing is for Shell in the U.K. and it will get 20 miles per gallon. The 2012 prototype now on regular service gets 14 already. Most Class 8 trucks get only 10 MPG. This is huge money to these companies, and achieved totally through proper aerodynamic design.

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